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Potential x Potential

At TPL we support teams in making a shift in how they work together to create environments where people can express themselves, where there is no 'them' and 'us', where problems are tackled frankly, where people flourish and show the very best of who they can be, where personal accountability is enjoyed by all and where teams hum from an inner energy and drive. All our Team Development services are facilitated by supportive, challenging, enthusiastic and engaging psychologists and are behaviorally based.


These workshops are focused on understanding and enhancing how a team works together. Our psychologist facilitators are experts in working with complex group dynamics and can uncover and deal with deep rooted team performance blockers whilst providing feedback and strategies to maximise group performance. As experienced psychometric tool users we often utilise these to gain insight into team dynamics, strengths, risks and potential areas of conflict.


Utilising our facilitation and psychological expertise, our facilitators can support your team in working on real-life business challenges whilst also providing in-the-moment behaviourally based feedback to optimise learning and team performance.


Team coaching workshops are based on specific topics relevant to the team, for example communication, building a team brand, innovation or influencing stakeholders. We work with you to create the optimal workshop design based on your knowledge of team needs and our expertise in evidence based solutions.

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