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Unlocking Leadership Potential

At TPL we use our in depth knowledge and expertise in how the human mind works to support Leaders to tap into their true potential and find the mindset and behaviours to create the best outcomes. All our development services are facilitated by psychologists with deep expertise and experience in  the role of psychology in business. Personality/EQ questionnaires are often used to maximise participant awareness and change Sustainable positive change is the measure of our success in this area.


TPL runs a number of workshops and programs which can also be tailored or created bespoke.  All our workshops are behaviourally based and include action learning and 'in the moment' feedback to rapidly develop ingrained new ways of working.The two broad types of workshop are described below;

  • 'Critical Behaviours' Workshops (typically 1 day) focusing on building the specific skills critical for leading in a complex world such as influencing, coaching, connecting with others, dealing with conflict, resilience, assertiveness, leading performance

  • Leadership Insights Workshops (typically 2-3 days) focusing on embedding deep behavioural and mindset shifts across a range of leadership requirements


At TPL we work with a range of 360 providers or can create a 360 questionnaire specific to your needs. We find simplicity is often the key to 360, enabling raters to quickly respond with the top priority strengths and development areas and providing clarity for the participant on what to focus on. With over 15 years of 360 experience our team are experts in designing, facilitating and project managing 360 programs.


  • Design or 360 tool selection

  • Participant and rater communications

  • Project Management

  • Analysis and report production

  • Participant feedback (with Manager -Optional)


At TLP we offer a range of coaching packages, which may or may not be structured around a specific aim, for example 'Leading through change" or 'Enhancing EQ'. Coaching assignments range for a one off 2hr rapid session to solve a particular issue or longer 3-6 month assignments.


  • Free 'Chemistry' meeting to ensure coaching relationship is positive

  • Accredited psychologists and coaches

  • Progress reporting for client

  • PAYG Coaching (optional)

  • POD coaching for up to 4 people on a specific topic(s) (optional)

  • Walking Coach (optional)

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